Thursday, 9 February 2017

A Busier Day

I haven't been very busy, but my humans have , so I have just spent my day wandering around my house helping them and keeping out of the way of the awful vacuum cleaner. Ugh! I thought the old one was bad, but this one is even worse 'cos it makes a noise AND is has a light on the front. My MH says it is so that she can see where all the dust is, but I am convinced it is looking for me! As soon as it appears, I take up my position on the back of my couch 'cos it will never come up there. Will it?

My DH had to go outside to fix my MH's little kangaroo 'cos it wouldn't go for her when she wanted it to, and he said that its battery was flat, so he did something to make it a different shape so that it would go. I hope that's not too technical for you! Hee hee

There was still lots of time for me, and I found the bit of string that I had been playing with so me and my MH played with it for ages and I loved it. We played in my kitchen and I like that the bestest 'cos my little feets slide on the linoleum and that makes me go even faster and my MH says she likes the noise my adorable little feets make when I am racing around my kitchen, so it suits us both.

So, I have had a good day and I am happy. I hope you have had a good day too.

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