Thursday, 23 February 2017

A Funny Day....

...but a good day. I had a very good sleep last night with no wind shouting at me and when I went out this morning it was dry and calm but a bit cold, so I had to keep running at the speed of light to keep my adorable little body warm.

I didn't stay out too long 'cos I knew that the warmest place for me was on my MH's knee and although she had some housework to do, she always has time for me, and if she is VERY busy, then I persuade her--very gently, of course!

I just followed her around while she hoovered and dusted and then waited patiently till my DH came back from the boat with our boxes and it was then I got a great big surprise 'cos he comed in with two boxes instead of one and one box was ginormous! It was the biggest box I have ever seen in my en-tire life!

I was a very curious little puss and I waited and waited until my humans opened it and then I saw it was a brand new television and it was a big one. Then my DH had to start putting it all together and I just watched from a safe distance. A wee while later I heard some people coming into my house and I jumped off my MH's knee and hided under the couch until I knew who it was, and then I jumped back up onto the couch and let them stroke me which was lovely. It was some friends of ours who had come to help my DH lift up the television and put it on its little unit 'cos it was too heavy for my MH, so we are all very happy now.

And, it still isn't windy! Yippee

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