Sunday, 5 February 2017

A Very Good Day

I have had good fun today both inside my house and out in my garden. It was a fine morning when we all wakened up, so as soon as my adorable little tummy was filled up, I was out of my window and into the garden. I had a wander round about and a wee sniff here and there and then I saw the nice farmer man next door coming to the big shed beside my house. He was in his tractor so I stayed well out of the way until I knew it had stopped and then I wandered over to see what he was doing and he said 'Hello puss' to me which made me feel happy, so I gave him a rather special purr and that made him happy too.

It was our usual quiet day in my house, but then in the afternoon, two of my friends came to see me and my MH. The old boy tooked himself off to the study to watch the football while we all sat and had a chat and I got lots and lots of cuddles which delighted me as you can imagine. My friends talked a lot to my MH but they talked to me and played with me as well so I have had a very good afternoon.

And where am I now? Well, I am on the couch all cuddled up beside my MH and my adorable little head is on her lap top, but so far she hasn't made any mistakes. Unless you find some! But don't tell her 'cos it will be my fault if there are any!

My friend in Canada has a new pussy cat and he plays with her keyboard too and makes her send funny messages and I for one am very proud of him!

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