Monday, 27 February 2017

And Another Week Begins

It was a fine morning when we all got up and me and my MH went for a wee wander even before the old dear had her breakfast. We went down our path to collect the milk and I was a very happy little puss running beside my MH. I made her smile again 'cos my little wagger was straight up in the air and all fanned out and she thought it looked lovely----and I agreed, of course!

I had a long wander round my garden when we went back home and as usual just managed to nip inside as she was finishing her cereal and I drinked up the last drop of milk which was lovely. I was left on my own for a while as my humans had to go to a meeting but they were home again very quickly and me and the old dear had a cuddle and a chat which was lovely.

My DH was busy outside and because my MH had decided to do all the housework that she should have done earlier and it was safer for me to be out the way of the vacuum and the dusters, but I had good fun just following him around and watching everything he was doing. I also had a wee chat to the sheeps that were outside my gate, and yes, I did watch where I put my adorable little paws.

So, I have had a very good day just nipping in and out and watching what my humans were doing. I even had a wee snooze on my couch while my MH played on her Wii and then it was cuddle time again. If the rest of my week is as good as today, then I won't be complaining.

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