Sunday, 26 February 2017

More Wet

I am enjoying my night time sleeps. When I was a baby puss, I used to waken up lots of times through the night. Sometimes I needed to use my litter tray, sometimes I wanted to play with my MH and I wakened her too, and sometimes I just needed a cuddle 'cos I had been having a bad dream, but that doesn't happen any more.

Well, now that I have had a wee think, that's not really true 'cos sometimes I still waken my MH 'cos I need a cuddle, but it doesn't happen as much now that I am all growed up, and my MH doesn't mind when I waken her up or if she does, she doesn't tell me and after a cuddle and a wee whispered conversation, we go back to sleep again. My day time sleeps are no problem at all, just in case you are wondering!

It was a very lazy day Chez Squeak, although my humans did have to go to a meeting for a wee while at lunch time and the old dear has just told me that there is another meeting tomorrow morning, but just for a little while so I am OK with that 'cos it means that there will be no vacuum cleaner to annoy me. Yippee.

I got a nice surprise this afternoon when my friend S. comed to my house to see me. I don't mind when she talks for a long time to my MH 'co I know it is really me she has come to see and she always gives me lots of lovely cuddles which I love loads.

So, that has been my very good Sunday. I hope you have had a good day too.

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