Saturday, 18 February 2017

Not So Crackin'

In fact, not a crackin' day at all. Well, outside at least. Inside it was fine but it was very cold and VERY wet today and not a day when this adorable little puss wanted to go out and see the little baby sheeps in the field. I don't like getting wet, and I do worry about the little lamb 'cos it just cuddles into its mummy to try and keep warm and it makes me a tiny bit sad. I gave my MH my 'please can we bring it inside?' look, but it didn't work, and I suppose if we brought the little lamb in, its mummy would be worried and maybe even angry, so I hate to admit that the old dear might be right. Sigh!

Apart from that I have had a good time. I sat with my MH while she was reading and she just kept stroking me and I loved that. I went out a couple of times to the greenhouse with my DH but I was a bit too cold, so I just nipped up to the window so that I could get in to the warm again.

I played with my MH and then I watched as she did her exercises on the Wii and then I was ready to cuddle in beside her again when she was finished.

It is raining lots again, so I think I might be having a very short pre-bedtime trip outside. I think I am getting much wiser as I am getting older. Hee hee

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