Thursday, 2 February 2017

Very Normal

That's what my day has been and I for one have been very happy with it. My MH has finally learned how to work her new laptop, so she is a lot happier and has got more time for me so I am a lot happier too.

They were going to go to Stromness this afternoon, but when we all looked out of our window, we saw that the weather wasn't very good and so we all decided that they would just stay at home with me and that was good. It was a bit cold and wet and windy and they wouldn't have liked it, so they were better inside my house.

I was in and out lots of times but as usual, just for little whiles and then when I came back inside, I either sat beside my MH on my couch or we played on the floor with all my toys. I helped my DH do little bits of work and he liked that.

So, you see, my day has just been a very normal one and I have been promised that things will be normal from now on. Yippee!

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