Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A New Career

I have been doing some very serious thinking. After all I am seven years old and I should be doing something with my life. I can't just keep sitting on my MH's knee for ever, so maybe I could become a weather puss! After all, every time I write to you, I tell you what the weather is doing on my little island, don't I? There is just one tiny little snag and that is how I would know what the weather is doing all over the world. I shall give that some serious thought while I am snoozing on my MH's knee tonight.

And now for today's report. It has been very wet and VERY windy. My DH thought he might need to stay home today, but the boat managed to come for him so off he went again. Me and the old dear had a very quiet day with her doing just wee bits of things but no vacuum cleaner and lots of time for me which made me very happy. I got lots of cuddles and she played with me whenever I asked.

I wanted to go out and I tried. Honest, I did try but when the door or the window opened and I felt the wind and rain on this adorable little body, I decided that maybe inside was best, so I did my usual trick and scooted back to my couch.

I have a feeling that I am stretching the old dear's patience just a tad. I think I am going to have to find some more intrepidness---quickly!! Hee hee

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