Thursday, 20 April 2017

A Quieter Day

There are still more baby sheeps appearing everywhere, but I haven't been outside just as much today to see them 'cos it has been a bit cold and a lot wet, so I just stayed in lots although I had a couple of short trips into my garden.

Both my humans were at home and it was housework day as usual so I just followed the dusters and the vacuum cleaner around and every now and then there was a big cuddle for me which made me very happy. Oh,the cuddle was from my MH not the vacuum cleaner or the dusters, you understand. Hee hee

And of course, there was the usual Thursday good fun with the string off our boxes. As soon as my DH appeared back from the pier, I positioned my adorable little self on the kitchen table and waited very patiently until my humans had untied the boxes and then while my MH was putting away all our messages, me and my DH played with the string and I loved it MILLIONS! I ran all over my kitchen floor chasing the string which had my DH at the other end and it was just fantastic.

I played with my MH for a while and then I went into our greenhouse with the old boy and I had a look at all the tomato plants and all the other little plants he has put into boxes. It will take a couple or three visits before I decide which one will be mine and then I shall give it the full Squeak treatment and I am sure it will grow beautifully. I might even be able to show you some pictures in a while.

I love being a pussycat tomato grower!

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