Sunday, 16 April 2017

Can You Guess?

Yes, there are more and more baby sheeps, but they won't stay still to let my poor old MH count them so I have decided there are a trillion little lambs. I don't know how many is a trillion, but I just like the sound of that, so that's how many there are in the world of Squeak!

We have had a very good Easter Sunday and my MH cracked open her big egg and loved it, although she didn't eat all of it, and of course, I didn't get any at all, but I didn't mind 'cos I got some little treats that wouldn't hurt me.

Me and my MH were out lots of times watching all the new baby sheeps and we had great fun 'cos they are so, so cute. We even saw one being borned again and this time I was fine and didn't disgrace my little self. There was one little lamb in particular that we watched for a long, long time 'cos it didn't walk and it didn't run--- it BOUNCED!-- up and down on the spot and I heard my MH laugh 'cos it was so funny. I am going to try to do it later on when my humans are asleep and I will do it for my MH tomorrow.

If I can't manage it, I shall ask the little lamb to teach me and I am sure I shall soon prefect it. Maybe you will even see a picture of me.

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