Monday, 3 April 2017

Just Another Monday

So, the weekend is all finished and it is back to normal again in my house at the start of another week. It was a fine morning when I wakened my MH a wee bit earlier than normal but it wasn't too much earlier so she just got up anyway and gave me my breakfast.

I went outside and it was quite a fine morning but a weather man on my radio said that there are going to be gales on my little island tonight and tomorrow so my DH might not be able to go to the Cat Shop tomorrow if the sea is too rocky for the boat to come and get him. I am keeping my paws crossed that it will be OK for him 'cos I know he likes going to the shop and me and my MH like our girlie time together.

So, then it was house working day and at one point I thought I was going to be a lucky puss 'cos when she tooked out her steaming machine that spits like an angry pussy cat, it wouldn't work and I did have a wee smile to myself, and then guess what? The old boy fixed it! I ask you. Has he still not learned to leave things alone and then we will get peace and quiet? Methinks a quiet word is needed!

My day was good and I played lots of times outside 'cos the wind hadn't come and it is now after dinner time and it's still not here so maybe it is blowing some place else. I hope so. My MH tooked out her Wii and I decided just to have a nap till she was finished and I think I look simply adorable.

Hands us all those who agree! Hee hee

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