Sunday, 2 April 2017


Oh, I have had such a very good day today. I hope your day has been good too. When I wakened up, I scooted over to the window and was very happy when I saw that the rest of the world was there! There was no mist. There was no wind and the sun was shining, so it ticked all my little boxes.

I ate up my breakfast very quickly and then I was off into the outside which was lovely. I sat on my path and just watched for a while but as I was watching, I could hear the birdies calling to me and I purred back to them before I nipped in just in time to get my milk. My timing is just about reaching perfection!

There was just one little hiccup in my otherwise purr-fect day and that is when my MH decided to go for a walk and she didn't take me with her. That made me a bit sad, but she explained when she comed back to me and I sort of understood, but I wasn't overly happy. She had some letters to post and normally she nips down to the post box in her little kangaroo or she sends the old boy, but it was such a lovely day that she decided she wanted a wee walk and it would be too far for me. She was worried I might get a fright somewhere and run away and get lost.

Hm. If I tell you my little island is one mile long and one and a half miles wide, maybe you will understand that I would need to try very hard to get lost! But the old dear said she wasn't taking any chances 'cos she loves me MILLIONS! It was a good job I didn't go 'cos when she was coming back, she met a lady with a big doggy and although it is a nice doggy, I probably would not have been very happy, so although I won't tell her, the old dear was right to leave me in my house.

But don't tell her I said that, please! Hee hee.

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