Sunday, 9 April 2017

My Sunday

Well, I am afraid I wasn't flavour of the month in the early hours of this morning 'cos I wakened the old dear two times in an hour and she wasn't best pleased but she was frightened I wasn't feeling well again so she got up with me, but I was just hungry! I didn't tell her that 'cos I knew I would be in trouble but I just gave her one of my little sorrowful looks that can get me anything I want!

I think maybe my adorable little tummy was just getting back to normal and it wanted to be filled up, but my poor old MH was tired and was just getting into a good sleep when I asked her to waken up the first time and then she had hardly got any more sleep when I did it again. Oh, I am sorry, but I have to do all these pussy cat things even if it does upset my humans once in a while. OK?

Anyway, when we got up, it was a fine morning although a wee bit cold but I was able to run about my garden and the fields and I was very content, but one time in the afternoon as I was contemplating what to do with my adorable little self, the rain came pouring down and it was so heavy I knew it would be on for a long time, so I flew back home just as fast as these little legs could take me and my humans were happy to see me banging on the window asking to be let in.

I didn't go out much more after that and was quite happy just resting although I was rather rudely wakened up when the old dear decided I had to be weighed. I was outside when she started playing on her Wii, so we had to use the scales and my DH stood on them first and then he holded me and got weighed again and then they did a big subtraction sum to work out that I was just a tiny bit heavier that the last time, but we all think that that is just fine.

The rain has gone off now and I will probably go out later, but I have a funny story for you. My humans like to watch the golf and last night one of the golfing men made my MH giggle 'cos she said that when he was getting ready to hit the ball, he wriggled his bum the way I do when I am about to pounce on something!

She told me that his bum wasn't nearly as adorable as mine, but we are all watching tonight to see if he does it again!

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