Friday, 28 April 2017

So ...

.... still no Broadband and MH still doing her magic with her phone and me still a very happy Squeak.

The weather has been much better today with no wind and no rain so I have been out playing all day. I even went with my MH into the gym and I made her laugh 'cos when she was on her bike she watched me stalking something and then I assumed 'the position', wriggled my adorable little bum and leapt! Right on to a bit of pampas grass and killed it dead! Oh it was good fun and I liked it lots.

My humans are going to a party tonight in our Hall and I am to be left alone but I think they will leave the window open, so I can nip in and out until they come back.

They have promised me that I won't be abandoned for too long but I shall have to wait and see.


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