Thursday, 13 April 2017

String and Boxes....

.. and millions and millions of fun! I have had a crackin' day and I have loved it all. Even the weather has been better and I have been outside lots and lots just watching all the new baby sheeps that are popping up everywhere. There are two lovely little lambs right outside my gate and one is a black one while the other one is a white one---and they both have the same mummy sheep! I think they might be my new bestest friends when they are old enough for me to go and see them.

My MH was busy doing housework things again today so me and my DH spent a while outside together 'cos he is going to Kirkwall tomorrow to buy our tomato plants and I am quite excited. My MH has given him a shopping list and I have told him what I want him to bring back for me so we will both be looking forward to him coming home to us.

I had great fun when he comed back from the boat because he had boxes and string for me to play with and we all played together for a long, long time till I nearly tired them out! Hee hee. My DH buyed himself a new strimmer for our garden and it arrived today in the biggest box I have ever seen so naturally I had to have a great big explore and you can see me working very hard here.

We all played with my string and then I played by myself in the box that our groceries comed in, so I have had a very good day with lots and lots of fun both inside and out and I am a very happy little Squeak. I hope you are happy too.

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