Saturday, 6 May 2017

And Again

Oh, my dear friends, I am an ecstatic little puss 'cos I have been outside for nearly all of the en-tire day and I have been loving it! You will have guessed that my little weather man friend has sended me some more good weather and today has been HOT!

As soon as my adorable little eyes opened this morning I knew that I was going to be a very happy Squeak and as usual I was right. I gobbled up my breakfast and then shot out of the door. I sat in the garden until I heard the old dear finishing her cereal and then it was time to nip in through the window for a little drink of milk. And then? Outside again, of course!

And that's how my day went on. Out playing for a long time then back in for a wee feed or a drink and then repeat as many times as possible. It was just wonderful and I loved it. My friend J. didn't manage to see me but my friend S. paid us a surprise visit, so that was very fine indeed.

I got another surprise this afternoon 'cos my MH decided that since it was a lovely day, she would walk down to the post box rather than go in her little kangaroo and when she was coming home to me, she called my name from the bottom of our path and then she watched me looking for her. I could hear her, but it tooked me a wee while before I could see her, but when I did I scooted across my grass really quickly, jumped through my fence and then raced over the grass to get beside her and that made her smile lots.

I liked it and I was smiling too, but inside me where she couldn't see. I do that lots and lots 'cos I am a very happy little puss.

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