Monday, 8 May 2017

Here We go Again

Another week begins. I had a very good sleep and when I wakened up I was happy to see that it was still a good day although it wasn't as sunny as I would have liked but at least it wasn't wet or windy so I was a very happy Squeak.

Since I had been up for a wee while about half past six o'clock in this morning for a wee biscuit, I wasn't too hungry so I just had a light breakfast and nipped outside. I played at the front of my house until I heard the old dear's spoon hitting the bottom of her cereal bowl and that told me it was milk time, so I nipped back in through the window and finished up the milk which was super.

We all had a wee chat and then me and my MH waved bye bye to my DH as he sailed away to the Cat Shop and then I went into the bedroom for a little nap while the Boss ran round my house with the vacuum cleaner and her dusters. As usual, she would come and look for me every now and then and we had a cuddle and a chat and that happened lots of times during the morning and it made me a very happy puss.

Later on, I helped her hang out the washing and while she was busy I had a good sniff all round my garden which I liked. I love being outside especially in the summer time listening to the birdies and watching all the boats and ships passing by.

I am a very happy outside puss. Mind you, I am a very happy inside puss too!

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