Monday, 19 June 2017

And So Another Week Begins

My days are much the same really, but every now and then they are a wee bit different and today was one of those wee bit different ones. It was quite a fine day although a wee bit windy but not enough to keep me in, so I have been wandering around my hunting places lots of times and it was good.

My timing this morning was perfect as usual as I just nipped in through the window in time to get my little drop of milk and my MH noticed something quite odd. I have told you that I love my little drop of milk when the old dear has finished her cereal and normally of a morning she has some muesli with fruit and milk and when she is finished that's when I get the last little drop, but yesterday she had corn flakes with fruit and milk and I didn't like the milk, but when she went back to her normal today I drinked it all up, so the old dear is confused. But between you and me, I just don't like cornflakes! Easy, yes?

I was left on my own this afternoon as my DH was at the Cat Shop and my MH was away doing her crafty things again, but I was fine 'cos I just had a snooze till she comed home and then I sat on her knee and we had a wee chat and a cuddle till the old boy comed home too.

So, now we are all together in my house and I am resting until it is time for me to go out for my nightly ramble before bed time. Quite a life, eh?

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