Monday, 5 June 2017

Another Lovely Day

I am having the bestest of times just now. We were all up quite early this morning 'cos my DH was going to the Cat Shop and when he is up, we are all up! Anyway, it was such a lovely morning that I didn't mind and I nipped out into my garden even before I had anything to eat. And it was brilliant! The little sheeps were bouncing about and the birdies were singing and I was a very happy Squeak. There was even a brand new baby cow in the field.

Eventually my adorable little tummy told me to go inside and fill it up with food so I wandered in and my MH had already put some food in my dish so once I had finished that I sat on her knee for a while till my DH went away on the boat and then she had to start all her housework.

I spent the rest of the day just wandering in and out as I pleased and I liked that lots but then the bestest time came when my MH asked me to go out and play with her as I was having a rest on one of my many seats, and I was at the door before her!

We played outside for a while and she tooked some photographs for you before her little legs tooked her into the gym for a shot on her bike and I just lay on the grass till she was finished and then we sat on the couch till my DH comed home again.

I think he thinks we were there all day, hee hee!

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