Tuesday, 6 June 2017

(Big) Sigh

It has poured with rain all day! That is why I am sighing and not a very happy puss. And what have I done? I have slept nearly all day, that's what.

I did manage to have a wee turn outside this morning after my breakfast, but then the rain came on and I knew that I wasn't going to get out to play very much at all and I was not best pleased.

My MH did try to cheer me up and we played some games together, but then she had to go away to the Hall to do some crafty things, so I was left all alone. I had a sleep till she comed home to me and then we played another game and I was a bit happier.

I have just had another look out of my window and it is still raining and my little weather man friend says it might rain ALL night, so I guess I will be staying in or getting wet.

I shall tell you tomorrow which one it is. Sigh

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