Saturday, 10 June 2017

Lots Better

I have had a much better day today which makes me a much happier little puss. As you know, I like Saturdays and today was a good one. The weather got better as the day went on and both my humans were home with me and 'cos it is the weekend, the Boss doesn't do any housework so there is always lots and lots of time for me and that I love.

I have been in and out lots of times and when I was out I was playing in the long grass and having a chat to the sheeps that are at one side of my house and the cows that are at the other side. So I don't get lonely when I am outside and then when I decide to go home again there is always a knee for me to sit on.

One time when I went home, my MH was printing some 'stuff' so I just nipped up onto the printer and then on to the high shelf and just rested there till she was finished, but all the time she was working, she was talking to me and I just purred back at her and we both liked that lots.

So, although I haven't done an awful lot I have had a very easy, relaxing day and I have so much energy left that I shall probably stay out until it is quite late. We had a lovely sunset the other night and me and my MH thought you might like to see it.

Now you know why I just love being outside on nights like this. I am a very lucky, adorable little puss, sure I am?

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