Thursday, 15 June 2017

More Good Fun

I am really having the very bestest of fun just now. The weather is to my liking and my DH has been doing a lot of work outside in my garden so there is always company for me when I want to go out.

I was out quite a lot today 'cos the old dear was running all over my house with her vacuum cleaner, so the best place for me was outside with my DH. It was warm and sunny so when I wasn't watching what he was doing, I was lying in the long grass listening to the little birdies and that was good fun.

I did go in and out quite a few times and as you can see from these pictures, I managed to get somewhere where I shouldn't be. I climbed into the cupboard where all the towels are and I had a wee snooze while my MH was looking for me. I was so comfortable and cosy and I really didn't want leave even when my MH asked me and finally she had to lift me out, but instead of being angry, she gived me a big cuddle.

I liked that lots.

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