Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Rain, Rain and More Rain

It has poured with rain ALL day. Now, you are probably thinking that I am going to tell you that I have not been a happy Squeak, but you would be wrong. I have been very happy and of course I shall tell you why.

Last night while I was semi-snoozing on my couch I heard my humans say that they would need to get up early 'cos they were getting the first boat to go to Kirkwall and I would be abandoned again for the en-tire day. That made me not happy. However, when we all wakened up very early this morning, they decided that it was far too wet and windy for them to leave me, so they didn't go. They didn't want to get soaking wet. Yippee! I was very happy.

I had my breakfast and then nipped up onto my window sill and asked to be let out as usual, but my MH told me it was too wet for me to go out. However, I decided to show her what a brave puss I am and nipped outside as soon as the window was opened. And I stayed out for a long time and quite liked it.

I didn't go out much for the rest of the day but my humans were always there for me whenever I needed a bit of company so I had a very good day even though it hasn't stopped raining. Sigh!

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