Saturday, 3 June 2017

Same Again

I have had a very good Saturday. The weather has been just to my liking and because the window was left open, I could nip in and out just as much as I wanted and that made me a very happy little puss.

The baby sheeps are getting bigger now and the mummys don't worry about them so much when they come to my gate to see me, so I have had lots of conversations with my little sheep friends and I liked that loads. I went into the gym with my MH but she left the door open for me to wander in and out until her little legs needed to go home and then I helped her do that. She was happy.

In case you are wondering, our Broadband thing still hasn't been fixed so I can't write too much to you, but you can imagine that my humans are not at all happy.

It is just a very good job that I am here to cheer them up. Sure it is?

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