Wednesday, 26 July 2017

A Dreadful Day

I have not had a very good day at all 'cos it has never stopped raining! Sigh. I shall have to have a word with my little weather man friend and ask him to switch off the rain and give us some sunshine, please.

I did manage out to play for a very short time but I have spent most of my day snoozing on my various beds. That was very fine but now the old dear is worried that I have so much energy left over that I won't sleep tonight and if I don't sleep, then neither does she and if she doesn't sleep she is not a happy MH. Oh deary me---hee hee

It is quite a fine night at last so maybe I will manage out for a while before bedtime. We shall see. My MH was out at a meeting tonight so she is writing this much later than normal and I am lying with my adorable little head on her laptop and I am sending lots of purrs onto it, so I hope you can hear me when you are reading this.

I will only have four more times to write to you before I am abandoned while my humans go away their holidays to some place where there is lots of sunshine. I know I will miss them---and they miss me too. In fact, sometimes my MH has a wee cry when she leaves me--- but I know I will be perfectly well looked after 'cos my friend R. is coming to stay with me and do what her big cousins A. and J. used to do so I am sure we will have very good fun together.

We will be just fine.

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