Friday, 14 July 2017

A Good Day

.... but it was just me and my DH 'cos my MH had to go away to Kirkwall, but it was still good and I had lots of fun.

We were both outside for nearly all of the day 'cos the weather was still good and my DH was finishing all of the little jobs that the humans had been doing last week, so I was able to keep an eye on him and enjoy myself at the same time. I liked that lots and I know my DH appreciated my help.

I had just retired for a little nap when I heard my MH coming back so I ran to meet her and she did what she always does when she comes home. She lifted me up and gived me a great big cuddle and told me she had missed me millions and that made me very happy indeed.

I am now in my favouritist position and that is on her knee with my adorable little head on her lap top and I shall be there till I decide to go out exploring again.

So yes. A very good day indeed!

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