Tuesday, 25 July 2017

A Good Day

I have had good fun today and I have been feeling very full of beans and happy with it. Both my humans were at home with me and even though my MH was busy with lots of her housework, she still had bundles of time for me, and that I like.

Our weather wasn't too bad but not quite as good as I would have liked. However, I did not let that hold me back and as soon as my breakfast was safely inside my adorable little tummy, I was out the window in a flash and I was out for so long that the old dear was worried about me. That actually happened a few times in my day 'cos you see, I have found a brilliant spot where I can lie in the long grass and nobody can see me. I just lie there and watch the world go past and listen to all the little birdies singing to me and it makes me feel very happy indeed.

I helped my MH change the beds today and we had good fun with that. She told me that there are some people coming to stay with me on Sunday and she needs to make beds for them, so I helped her. She told me it is a man and a lady with two little boys and the little boys are my DH's great nephews.

Hmm. I'll bet they are not nearly as great as me!!

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