Friday, 7 July 2017

All Done

Yippee! The chips are all done. My garden is looking lovely but my adorable little feets are not liking the feel of them right now. My DH says he is going to borrow a roller and make it so that they are not just so sore on my peedie paws so that will make me happy.

We have all been outside for most of today and I have had a very good time indeed. I watched what my humans were doing for a while and then I went away for lots of big explores on my own just doing what pussy cats are supposed to do and I liked that lots too. In fact, I was out so long after my dinner that the old dear began to get worried and while my DH was out looking for me, I was heading in the living room window and that made us all giggle.

My MH says that if it is a good day tomorrow she will cut the grass and then my garden will look beautiful, so I will help her to do that.

I am really liking all this good weather and I hope that we can get lots more.

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