Monday, 3 July 2017

And an even gooder Monday

Another brilliant day in in the life of this adorable little pussy cat. I am liking this lots and I shall share all my news with you.

The old boy went away to the Cat Shop, but he was so busy reading his newspaper and talking to my MH that he nearly missed the boat. Oops! My MH had to tell him to run fast and away he went leaving me and her to have a little natter before she started all her housework. I always like these times. They are as good as our little through the night time chats when she usually tells me she loves me millions and then we go back to sleep again.

I went out to play lots of times and it was really good fun but every wee while I would go home to see how the old dear was getting on and to get a cuddle and that was very nice too, but the best bit was in the afternoon after we had watched Andy winning his match 'cos my MH decided to go outside and start spreading some of the chips and I had to go out and help her. She liked that lots and we got a lot done, so my DH was very pleased with us when he comed home.

We are all going to do it again tomorrow if my little weather man friend sends me some good weather. My adorable little paws are all crossed 'cos it was very good fun being outside with my MH. Maybe she will to take some pictures for you.

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