Sunday, 23 July 2017

Another Super Sunday

We have all had a very good day. The weather was very fine and I was able to be outside whenever I wanted to and I liked that. My DH was busy in our greenhouse with his tomatoes and so I had to keep nipping in beside him to make sure he was doing it right. My tomatoes are still doing far better than his, but we don't mention that. Well, me and my MH talk about it, but he doesn't!

I played in the long grass and managed to hide in a spot where the swallows couldn't get to me and I got a big surprise in this afternoon when my MH came out to play with me. I was away in the field doing pussy cat things, but when I heard her calling for me, I scooted home and jumped straight through my fence without even slowing down and that made her smile. I like that.

I am having a snooze now 'cos I am a tiny bit tired with all the exercise I have had, so I will rest and then I shall wander outside again for a while before bedtime.

Oh yes, my life right now is very good, thank you very much. I hope yours is too.

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