Saturday, 1 July 2017

Great Big Sigh

I don't know where my little weather man friend has gone, but he has taken all my good weather with him and left me with some winter, and I am not best pleased! The morning started off not too bad so I was able to go out for a very long prowl after my breakfast but when I comed home again, my little drop of milk was waiting for me and I lapped it all up. My MH says she likes to hear me drinking my milk 'cos she says it makes her happy. Bless!

My humans were both a wee bit busy today but they still had lots of time for me. The old boy was working in the garden till the rain and the wind arrived and then him and me went into our greenhouse for a while. My tomatoes are still doing better that his ones, but I haven't told him that those ones are only good 'cos I purr to them.

My MH decided to do some baking and I got a little bit of a pancake when she was finished and I liked that. I went outside quite a few times and I had another very long explore after my dinner but I need a little sleep now 'cos I am a wee bit tired. I have lots of places where I can have my snooze and on each of my beds there is a Squeak blanket and I make my humans smile lots of times when I burrow under these blankets to have my sleep 'cos all they can see is a little lump moving very gently up and down, and that is me.

I am even adorable when you can't see me! Hee hee

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