Sunday, 16 July 2017

Half and Half

That's what my weather has been today.

The good half was in this morning and then the rain comed on and the wind comed back so I haven't been out too much at all. I shall have to do something about that before bedtime, methinks. I need to get some fresh air before I settle down to go to sleep but right now it is pouring with rain and I am purr-fectly happy sitting on my MH's knee with my adorable little head on her lap top.

I have a middle of the night picture for you which the old dear wouldn't have seen if it hadn't been for me 'cos she was sound asleep and my little tummy was telling me it was nearly empty so I asked her if she would get up and help me to put some food into it, and while she was doing that we noticed it was a lovely morning and we decided to share it with you, so I hope you like it.

There's not much news at all as we haven't done very much but it has been good. I hope you have had a good weekend.

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