Wednesday, 12 July 2017

I Did It Again

Oh dear. I had another little incident this morning --- the same as last week. It was another lovely morning so as soon as I had gobbled up all my breakfast, I went outside to see what was happening in my little world and it was just so lovely I stayed out for a long time. I wandered round my fields and then had a big explore in the nice farmer next door's big shed and it was while I was sitting there sunning my adorable little self that I saw my two humans driving away in my DH's car! Oops.

That was the same thing that happened last week and my poor old MH was so upset that she didn't get a 'cheerio' cuddle and here she was, away again without another cuddle. Oh I did feel so sad. But a minute later I saw a little mouse and chased it so I didn't feel sad again. Sorry MH. She got a great big 'hello' cuddle when they comed back so she was fine.

It is still a brilliant night, so as soon as I have had my after dinner snooze, I am off again out into the outside to see what is happening and I am happy about that. I know what might be happening tomorrow 'cos I heard my humans saying that if my little weather man friend sends good weather, then they will finish off all the outside painting that they have to do, so there will be lots of company for me whenever I want it.

So. Please Mr. Weatherman, send us some painting weather. Thank you.

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