Monday, 10 July 2017

Oh Dear...

...I have been a very worried little puss all after noon and I am sure you will be desperate to know why.

Well, the morning went as usual which was me and my MH sitting on my couch having a little chat after my DH went away on the boat to the Cat Shop and then me heading out into the very fine weather while the old dear did all her housework. It was very good for me though, 'cos she left the door open and I could just wander in and out as much as I pleased and every time I wandered in, there was a lovely big cuddle waiting for me. So all that was very fine indeed and this adorable little puss didn't have a care in the world.

But then my MH came outside in the afternoon and that's when my worries started 'cos she was painting the greenhouse! Now, you all know that the gym is hers, but the greenhouse ISN'T. It belongs to me and my DH and here she was painting it when he wasn't here. Oh dear, I spent my whole afternoon worrying about what he would say when he got home and as soon as I saw him coming into my house, I shot under my couch---just in case!

I just lay there very quietly and listened and then I got the shock of my life when he said she had done a brilliant job! Phew! I must have been outside this morning when they agreed that she could paint it, but if my MH had only mentioned it then it would have saved me a whole lot of worry. So inconsiderate!

Oh, by the way, it does look super and I heard them saying that they will paint the gym tomorrow so I will send some pictures to you so you can see for yourself.

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