Wednesday, 5 July 2017


So, we all got up this morning. I had my breakfast and nipped out for a big explore. It was a lovely morning and I was very happy outside, so I stayed out for a long time, but what a shock I got when I finally did go home. There was nobody in my house!

I knew my DH had to go to the Cat Shop and my MH told me that she was going to Kirkwall, but I didn't realise I had been out so long. I didn't get my 'cheerio' cuddle. Sigh!

However, the weather was very good and the window was open so I played outside a lot until it was time for them to come back to me, and then I am sure you can guess what I got then? Yes, I got a ginormous 'hello' cuddle which I just loved.

My evening has been just normal with me nipping in and out and I am very happy again, so no more sighs--- for a wee while anyway!

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