Saturday, 26 August 2017

An Uneventful Day...

... but a good one just the same. Before me and my MH got up this morning, we had a wee chat as I was sitting on top of her and she told me that if the grass was dry enough, she would take out the lawn mower, but when we looked out of the window it was raining so that put an end to that idea!

We both had our breakfast and then I nipped out of the window and had a wander through the long, wet grass for a wee while, but I was back inside in plenty of time for my little drink of milk and then I sat with my MH while she watched more Jessica. A question. How many murders did that woman solve? It seems my MH has watched millions and I am sure she knows all the words now! But if it makes her happy.....

The rest of my day was spent between nipping in and out to play and then resting either on my MH's knee or on top of my bed and that made me very happy. The rain wasn't too heavy and didn't stay on for too long but it made the grass too wet for the old dear to cut, so maybe she will try again tomorrow. We'll see.

It has turned out a fine night and the sun has comed out again, so once my snooze is finished, I shall head outside to have a chat to the cows and the sheeps and have a long play before bedtime.

So, although it has been uneventful, I still have had lots of good fun AND lots of cuddles. Magic!

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