Sunday, 10 September 2017

A Purr-fect Sunday

A very lazy Sunday but a very good Sunday just the same. It started off in the middle of the night time for me and my MH 'cos she needed to get up to go to the bathroom and when she comed back, I lied on top of her and we had one of our very special chats which always makes us both very happy. It was very, very dark and my MH could hardly see me even though I had my nose right up to her nose but she could hear me purring. I, of course, could see her very well with my absolutely perfect eye sight. It was a lovely wee while and I liked it lots.

After a sleep, we both got up and when I saw that it was a fine day, I gobbled up my breakfast and nipped outside to see all my little animal friends and find out how they were doing. They are all doing fine, by the way.

The rest of my day was spent just doing all the things I like best like sitting on my MH's knee, or having a snooze on one of my many sleeping places or playing outside and then coming back in to find where my cuddle was hiding.

I always find them. Yippee! So, a quite perfect Sunday for me and I hope a good Sunday for you too.

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