Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Another Good Day....

... although not just as good as yesterday. I have been very OK, you understand, but the weather has not been as much to my liking as it was yesterday so that has made me just a little cranky. I like that word. I don't like being cranky, but I do like thinking it.

My morning routine was just the same. Up with my MH--gobbled up my breakfast then nipped outside for a while until it was time to come back in for my milk. Quite purr-fect! I was able to nip in and out quite a few times until the rain comed on and spoiled it for me, although even then it wasn't too bad 'cos I helped my MH change the beds and we just had the bestest of fun.

It is one of my very favouritist jobs and I do it so well. I jump on the bed just before she puts the sheets on just to make sure it is safe and then I explore the inside of the duvet cover to make sure there are no big monsters lurking. Mind you, I haven't worked out what I would do if I did find such a monster. Maybe I need to give that some thought before I help her again. Hee hee

In the afternoon, when all our work was done I made the old dear very happy when I climbed up onto her knee then put my adorable little head on her shoulder and falled fast asleep. She told my DH that she loves when I do that so maybe I will do it a bit more often.

I rather liked it myself!

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