Thursday, 14 September 2017


... your computer is all wet when you are reading all about me, then I am sorry but I think it might be my fault 'cos I have just comed in from being outside in all the rain and I am a wee bit very soaking wet!

It has been a not too bad day and I have been in and out quite a lot, but just after dinner time when I really NEED to be outside, the rain came pouring down. And just when did it pour its hardest? When this adorable little puss was outside and a long way from home. Sigh

I did manage to find a wee spot to shelter but every time I thought I could make a run for my window, the rain just poured harder and I had to stay out. Eventually it did go off enough to let me get in and my MH rushed to open the window and then gave me a great big cuddle to make me all dry again. It was nearly worth getting wet for. Hee hee

I am all dried up again and I will have a little rest until later on when I will try to get out for a while before bed time as long as it is not pouring with rain.

I can hope, can't I?

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