Monday, 11 September 2017

Just Once...

...I have been out just once today... just once in the en-tire day 'cos it has been pouring down with rain the whole day and definitely not weather for this adorable little puss to be outside in. I did try. I promise I did but it just wasn't for me.

I went out after my breakfast and managed to scoot very quickly to a wee place that was sheltered and I sat there for a while thinking that I could be inside where it was dry and warm so I scooted back inside again.

I stayed on my bed while the old dear did all her housework and one time, when she was passing my bedroom, I asked her to play with me by jumping up and down on the bed, and she got the message and we played for a long, long time till I was a bit tired and I falled asleep under my blanket.

I tried to go out again after my dinner like I always do and when my MH opened the door I managed to get half of me into the outside before my little brain dragged me back in again. I tried that about two or three or maybe five times before the old dear was fed up of getting wet and then I decided I would wait until just before bedtime when it might be a bit better.

I do hope so.

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