Saturday, 16 September 2017

Millions Better

Remember yesterday I told you I was a very fed up little puss? Well, today all my fed upness has gone away and I am feeling much, much happier. In fact I am MILLIONS happier and I am sure you will want to know what has bringed on this change, and of course I shall tell you, 'cos I am a very good puss.

Well, for one, the weather was a lot better today and I have been able to get out to play as much as I want, whenever I want and for as long as I want, so one cannot argue with that now, can one? Hee hee. I went straight out after my breakfast and stayed out so long that I nearly missed my little drop of milk. I just came home in time to see the old dear heading towards the kitchen sink with our cereal bow in her delicate little hand, so I made a very loud squeak to let her know I had arrived back again, and she put it down on the floor so htat I could lap up all the milk. I liked that.

The rest of my day was spent either being outside, or on my bed or on my MH's knee so I was very content indeed, but then I got a big surprise when I heard my door opening and I heard my friend S. calling for me and that made me very happy little Squeak 'cos I always love when she comes to see me and I haven't seen her for a long time 'cos she has been a way her holidays and my MH didn't tell me she was coming to my house today so that I would get a lovely surprise. And I did.

We had a lovely afternoon together and now I am having a snooze before I head outside before bedtime. I am a much happier puss today and I hope you are all happy too.

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