Saturday, 2 September 2017

Still Better

And, I even got into the camera! Yippee I have a new picture for you today which my MH tooked when we were out playing in my garden today.

In this morning it was lovely and warm, so after she had helped Jessica solve another murder, me and her---my MH that is, not Jessica!-- went out into my garden for a while and we both liked it a lot. It is a good job we went out when we did 'cos it got a bit cold and windy in this afternoon, so the old dear stayed inside but because I am a hardy, intrepid little puss, I went out to play lots of other times.

So, I am happy 'cos my MH has kept her word and I have been the centre of her universe all weekend so I have forgived her for leaving me last week and I am looking forward to playing some more with her tomorrow.

I hope your weekend has been as good as mine.

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