Saturday, 2 December 2017

A Good Puss

That’s what I have been today ‘cos I haven’t knocked my tree down. I did have another wee sniff all round it and I sniffed at the little crib figures that my MH put at the bottom of the tree and then I had a sniff at the hedgehog! Yes, for some reason known only to her dear little self, the old dear has a sparkly hedgehog there too. Don’t ask ‘cos I have tried, but I got nowhere at all. Actually, it is quite a nice hedgehog!

I have had a very restful day because it is still wet and cold on my little island but I did manage out to hunt and explore a couple of times. I always make my humans smile when I come in the window ‘cos I stand on the arm of the chair until I get cuddled warm and dry again, and then I drag them into my kitchen to get me some wee biscuits. And I do that every single time!

So, my days are really good and I am getting quite excited about my birthday and Christmas. I have been trying to find where the old dear has hidden my presents but so far no luck.

I shall keep hunting!

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