Sunday, 17 December 2017

A Wee Bit Awful

That's what the weather has been today on my little island and I have been soaking wet lots of times 'cos every time I went out, I managed to go where it was raining and it made my adorable little body all wet. Mind you, you all know that I don't really mind being wet 'cos it means I always get cuddled dry and that makes me happy--as well as not wet anymore!

Both my humans were at home with me today and neither of them had any work to do, so all their time was for me and we played lots together as well as me still helping the old dear with her exercises. She has to do them three times every day but after Christmas she says she can just do them two times so I won't be as busy then! Hee hee

It is night time now and it is very dark and I am sitting on my window sill watching for the rain to go off and as soon as it does then I am heading outside again and I know I will probably get wet, but that's OK. I will soon dry and then it will be bed time so I can cuddle up beside my MH.

But I can only do that if I am not wet! She is a wee bit fussy Sigh!

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