Friday, 29 December 2017

All White

... that's what my little island was this morning. It was all covered in white, but not snow. It was a frost and all the ground was slippy. My humans were supposed to be going shopping but my MH was frightened she would slip so they have decided to see what it is like tomorrow. I know they need to buy some things, but I am hoping they don't go away and leave me.

I have had a very good day and I have been in and out lots of times but my adorable little paws were very cold on that white stuff, so I only stayed out for little times and then I warmed up inside my house and played with my toys. My MH knows exactly what I want to do and she plays with me whenever I ask her which is brilliant.

Right now, I am sitting on her knee with my adorable little head on her laptop while she is writing this for you, but I shall be heading out into the white stuff later on for another little while.

Then maybe I will climb my Christmas tree again! Hee hee

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