Friday, 15 December 2017

Altogether Now .......

......Happy birthday to me.....! Did I tell you it was my birthday today and I am now eight years old! A growed up kitten cat and even more adorable than ever. I have had a lovely day so far with presents, my very favourite dinner and LOTS of cuddles, so I am happy.

Me and my humans were thinking back a whole eight years to when I was just borned and I was a very poorly little puss indeed and abandoned with my brothers and sisters till a lovely lady from the Cat Protection founded me and made me a bit better. Then a while later I comed to my forever home and my humans looked after me and made me completely better and we love one another millions!

I am having a lazy day and to be honest I am just a tad peeved ‘cos my humans are going to a party tonight and I can’t go! My MH said it is the Christmas Party for the little childrens but I said I should be able to go ‘cos it is my birthday, but I am afraid the old dear put her foot down, so I shall be on my own for a while tonight. Sigh!

I will make sure they make it up to me tomorrow!

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