Tuesday, 19 December 2017

But a Different Tuesday

Well, the day time was the same with the old dear still making my house clean, but today I was able to play one of my favourite games with her as she changed the beds so it was time to hide in the duvet covers and in the pillow slips and under the sheets and under the beds and really just EVERYWHERE! It was brilliant and I tired my adorable little self out so much that by the time my MH had finished, yours truly was fast asleep. But I was dreaming lovely dreams hee hee!

I didn’t go out a lot today ‘cos I wasn’t really in the mood, but I got a great big surprise tonight when about six peoples came to my house to see me and my humans so there were lots of knees for me to rest on and I liked that.

I went out for a little while and I think I may try it again before bedtime, but I might just cuddle in beside my MH and have a snooze.

I will have a think and then decide.

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