Saturday, 16 December 2017

Good Fun

Yes, I have had a good day today and even the weather has been kind to me and my humans which has made us all very happy indeed.

My humans weren't too long away from me last night and when they comed home, my MH let me sit on her knee and she told me all about what the little childrens did at their party and they all had a good game playing all the games that my MH told them to do, so it was a good night for them all. AND, Santa Claus came to our little island with lots of presents so everyone was very happy indeed.

Today has been a good day too and the good weather meant that I could get out to play as much as I wanted so I have been in and out quite a lot of times which has been super duper. I got a wee new toy for my birthday and I have been playing with it today. It is a wee mouse and my MH presses it and it makes a wee red spot on my carpet and I have to chase the wee red spot and I love doing that 'specially as my MH has to play with me and that makes me the happiest little eight year old puss in the en-tire world!


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