Friday, 22 December 2017

More Laziness

I have been a very lazy puss today. My DH went away to Kirkwall--- me and my MH think he was buying our Christmas presents---so it was just me and the Boss in my house, but it was good 'cos she didn't have anything to do except her exercises, so there was lots and lots of time for me. I got oodles of cuddles but I spent lots of time having a snooze and I was a very contented little Squeak.

I had a wee play with my birthday mouse and we showed my DH how it worked when he comed home and it made him smile which was good. My little weather man friend told me that there is going to be another naughty wind on my little island tomorrow so if I need to be outside, I think I had better do it before bed time! The old dear is not happy 'cos she doesn't like the wind but the little weather man told me it won't last too long, so I will tell her that later and then she will be happy again. I am such a good, caring little puss, sure I am?

You might wonder why today's picture of yours truly is one in the summer. Well, I thought you might like to see some sunshine, so I asked my MH to put this one on for you and I hope it makes you feel good. OK?

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