Thursday, 7 December 2017


.... Well, my little weather man friend was right! It has been a dreadful day with hail and rain and wind. Not just strong winds and not just a gale. No, it has been a storm type gale and it has been really, really bad. The tide was high and when my DH should have been going to the pier, the water was coming right off the sea and onto the road, so he couldn't have got there, but all the boats were cancelled anyway so he didn't need to go and we were all happy.

It didn't keep me in though and I have managed out three times already and it is not nearly bedtime.I went out this morning after my breakfast and my humans were really worried 'cos the wind was so bad at the front of my house that they couldn't open my window to let me in, so they had to keep calling for me at the door and eventually I heard them and went home again. I did this three times and I might do it again another few times before I decide to go to bed.

Things got even worser in the afternoon when all our 'lectric went off and we had no lighting and no heating so my DH had to bring in the candles and the gas heater and little stove so we were OK. Today's pictures are not of me 'cos I thought you might like to see what my humans look like with their little headlights. It is quite funny, sure it is?

We were quite lucky 'cos the power comed back on just before dinner time and we are now all warm and full up. The wind is still howling at us and all the weather peoples say it has to be still bad until Saturday and there might even be snow, but it will not keep me in.

I am an intrepid little Squeak, as you all know!

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